Attention Business Owners & Managers: Stop Guessing on your Employee Costs

The Labor Burden Calculator Enables Managers to Make Better Business Decisions by Calculating Their True Employee Costs

In this video I will show you how:

To take complete control of your Employee Costs, and how those Costs affect your bottom line.
To use these instant results to make better business decisions during Employee Hiring, Reviews & Salary Negotionations.
Leverage Scenarios to find the most profitable combination of staff for a Job, Shift or Time Frame
To Add New Employees in just seconds using previously saved Employee Types & Company Defaults

12 Reasons Why This Application is a MUST HAVE TOOL for Reaching Your Finanical Goals:

Create, View & Update Employees in seconds without wasting your time

Data entry in complex spreadsheets is the last thing you want to be doing. The Labor Burden Calculator was built with that in mind. Employee information can easily be added in just a few keystrokes while displaying previosly saved staff with just a single click. Changes made to any Employees are automatically saved, so you will never lose any critical data.

Your True Labor Costs Automated & Accurate

With just a few entries, your Actual Hourly Costs, Labor Burden CostsFull Burden Rates, and Profit Margins are all calculated automatically, ending your guesswork, while increasing your accuracy and control over all of your Employee Costs.

Never Guess On Profitablity Again

The Labor Burden Calculator takes all of the guesswork out of Employee Profitability with our automated Green, Yellow and Red Profit Margin System which automatically flags employees based on your Miniumum and Ideal Profit Margins as you modify Employee Pay & Benefits. You will instantly know exactly what you can, and cannot afford.

Scenarios Lets you easily modify combinations of Employees & Hours

Want to Estimate jobs more accurately, or determine the actual cost of a job or group of employees for a shift or service? The Scenarios feature allows you to enter multiple employees & hours in every possible combination, automatically calculating the total costs both with and without overhead to find the most profitable outcome for your company. 

Automated Overhead Calculation

Knowing your overhead is a critical part of taking financial control of your business. This application does all the hard work for you. Enter the Type, Frequency & Amount of your expenses and its done. Overhead is then dispersed over your entered emplolyee work hours to give you a true and accurate employee cost.

Employee Types allow you to create new Employees in seconds.

Setting up new employees is quick and simple when you create Employee Types with pre-filled data. Once an Employee Type is entered, all of the assocated data is filled in automatically.

Full Dashboard allows you to quickly see your most critical costs

Important data is just a click away. With a complete dashboard you will always be able to evaluate costs and profitablity of both Employees and Employee Types

Step by Step Tuturial & Single Click Help

Assistance is never too far away. Along with a host of help videos, Help Pop-up bubbles and a complete Guided Tour, you will never be without a helping hand.

Company Taxes, Defaults & Details entered just once

Enter Company details just once and its automatically carried over to each employee as a default. No more double entry or tedious setups. Employees & their details are done in seconds

Single Click to Export Your Critical Data

Your Employees and Data, as well as any Scenarios you have created can both be Exported with a single button click to new Excel Workbooks, allowing you to recall and use this data in any format or application.

Quickly Search any Employee or single-click any column to sort.

Locating employees if you have a long list is quick and easy with our built-in search feature. Also sort amounts & percentages using the single-click sort feature on each column header.

Ability to set any Employees to Non-Taxable in a single click

You can quickly see how your employer taxes are affected to your hourly cost as well as set those employees such as 1099 or Freelance emloyees in which taxes are not applied.

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