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The Labor Burden Calculator is a Microsoft Excel based application that calculates the Actual Hourly Cost of an Employee

This software takes into consideration every type of Employee Cost that the Company must pay, such as Payroll Taxes, Benefits, Workers Compensation, Paid Time Off & Insurance. Based on these costs, the application will automatically calculate the Actual Hourly Cost (or Hourly Labor Burden) for that Employee.

This critical information helps business owners and managers make better decisions based on this Actual Hourly Cost of their labor for Jobs, Shifts & Estimates.

You will earn 50% of the sale of the application sale price.
The application has 3 Versions & Prices:

  • Standard $47.00 USD
  • Enterprise $77.00 USD
  • Accountant $197.00 USD
  • Bids Add-On $47.00 USD (Optional One-Time-Offer)

So your commission amounts will be either $23.50, $38.50,  or $98.50 USD depending upon what version was purchased.

There is No Limit and No Cap for your earnings.

This product is the most comprehensive yet user friendly application which quickly allows users to enter their employee details and automatically see the real cost.
This application also allows users to enter these Actual Hourly Cost and enter them in different scenarios such as Shifts, Jobs or Durations of multiple employees to get the Actual & Total Labor Cost.
Our main competitor, and only competitor, who is placed well on Google and has a long history has a very complicated and very expensive solution (from $497 – 997 USD)
Have a look at some of the information and videos for this product here: https://www.buildyournumbers.com/labor-burden-calculator-videos-ecpa-2-ipa/

This application is Excellent for any company with employees.
90% of our past sales have been from the United States, and 10% from Canada
Business Managers, Owners, Accountants and Human Resources Managers who want to understand their actual costs are very common past purchasers.

Here are just some of the types of companies which would benefit from purchasing the Labor Burden Calculator

General Contractors
Cable Service Companies
Security Services
Computer & IT Services
Waste Mgmt. Services
Handyman Companies
Flooring Installers
Remodeling Services

Hospitals & Health Care
Glass & Screen Services
Hotels & Hospitality
Utilities Services
Cleaning Services
Automotive Detailers
Framing Companies
HVAC Services
Car Manufacturers

Fire Prevention Services
Drywall & Wall Covering
Cement & Rock Services
Commercial/Residential Builders
Inspection Companies
Medical / Health Clinics
Pool & Spa Services

There are two payment Options in which you can get paid. When you are creating or updating your affiliate account you can enter either:

  1. Your PayPal email (preferred). Once your commission has been earned your commission will be paid directly to your PayPal (PayPal charges different fees in some countries that is out of our control)
  2. Your Bank Account – You can add your account information in your Affiliate Profile. Payments will be made by wire transfer from a US Bank Account. (Any Wire Transfer Fees will be deducted from the earnings amount. Each Individual Bank has different wire transfer fees) however wire transfer fees, if any, would have to be deducted. If using wire transfers, you may request payment less often then once a week to avoid too many fees, such as once a month payment might be beneficial to save in costs.
  3. If you would like to request an additional payment method, I will try to accommodate the method on a case by case basis.

Payments are made weekly to your account of choice by end of day Friday of each week (GMT + 7)
Your commission is considered earned after a 30 day grace period from the sale date. This is due to the the 30 Day Warranty for each products. Once 30 days passes and the customer has not requested a refund, your commission has been earned and will be paid on that Friday.

Signing up is simple. Just go to http://bit.ly/LBC_Aff_SignUp and click the Sign Up Icon: 

From there you will be asked some information as well as an Affiliate ID. It is this ID that will be attached to your link so that when you share your link, and customers make a purchase, our software knows who to credit with the commission.

PayPal is not required however it is preferred, so make sure if you have a PayPal Email to enter it in the provided field.
If you do not have a PayPal ID we can do wire transfers so please enter all the information from your bank required to make the proper wire transfer.

Once you are approved you can log into the Affiliate Portal here and from the “ADS” menu option you will see optons to download code for banner ads, that already include your affiliate ID, as well as html text that you can place in any website.

Also I will be emailing you your very own personal demo version that I urge you to give out to as many potential customers as possible. This demo version has a Buy Now link inside and will include your Affiliate Link. So if you give out this demo version and someone eventually buys this software, even a year after, you still get paid. This FREE Demo version will be your biggest asset and top earner. (The demo version is fully functional but has a 2 Employee Limit)

There are so many great ways to market this product. Be creative and try new things. This is what has been working, however feel free to expand to new areas as well

  1. FREE Trial –  After you are approved as an affiliate I will send you a special FREE Trial of the application, which has a limit of 2 Employees. This free trial will include your Affiliate ID on the Buy Now button embedded in the application. Share this FREE Trial as much as you can. This gives people a chance to try out a full functioning version. When they click the Buy Now button inside and purchase, you get paid.
  2. YouTube – Explainer and Tutorial Videos great peoples attention and allow that to often see the problem and solution all in one. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine so it should not be ignored. You can create new videos yourself explaining the products, or use existing videos that have Creative Common license that are product related, then add your links below. 
  3. Facebook – This massive social network is where most of us spend too much time. Its a great way to learn and share your knowledge in groups. You will have to get creative here as Facebook does not like affiliate links however you can link to a page you have set up that explains some of the benefits, and from your page, use your affiliate links. 
  4. Blogs – Writing blogs then sharing the content is still a fantastic way to share your ideas and solutions. Embedding your links within the blogs or offering your Free Demo version is a great way to get the word out. Labor Burden Calculator has its own small Blog Here

Your Sales, Earnings, & Payments are all tracked via the Affiliate Portal Here

You can log on at any time, enter a date range and see the activity on your account.

I am always available via Email at Randy@Labor-Burden-Calculator.com

Or Here On Facebook

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The information below is from the last year of sales and was pulled directly from Google Analytics. 
Use this information to plan out your marketing strategy and earn big $ by applying the information below

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The application structure is based on Tax Rates & Fundamentals that are geared towards North American companies



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