How Much Should I Charge? This 8 Step Method Teaches You Exactly How to Calculate The Right Job Sales Price, Every Time!

Employee Cost Breakdown

Determining Your Billing, Job, or Bid Cost is critical to Calculating the correct Job Sales Price . These 8 Steps shows you just how to do that

As a former Contractor, I made every mistake possible and nearly lost it all in 2001 when I was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and nearing bankruptcy. One of the main reasons I had gotten in so deep was a simple lack of understanding on how to calculate an proper job sales price. Lucky with some timely consulting I was able to learn some very critical lessons which put me on a path to success and finally selling the business in 2005 for a considerable amount. Since then I have dedicated my new career to creating software and solutions for small and medium size business by bringing them the much needed systems, frameworks and know-how that enabled me to overcome serious debt incurred and nearly running my business into the ground.

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